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I was an abused child. The daughter of a woman grappling with serious mental illness, and of a man who succumbed to the opioid epidemic. Raised in comparative poverty, I am an American descendant of slaves. After living in foster care for years, eventually my beloved grandmother took guardianship of me, but I was never formally adopted. And so, I remained a ward of the state, navigating a life marked by vulnerability and discomfort.

As we all slowly re-emerge into the post-lockdown world, Sugar Gamers hit the ground running by crafting a series of small, curated experiences to bring tech advocates and gaming aficionados back together. On Friday, April 22nd, Sugar Gamers kicked off their first post-pandemic gathering with an event called “Industry Night,” an evening of food, drinks and games specifically curated for folks to get reacquainted with their peers who have been making waves in the gaming and tech industries in Chicago over the past few years of lockdown.