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Cover from the newest chapter of Far Cry - Far Cry: New Dawn.

Audio interview with musician John Swihart, who was part of the two-person team that made the soundtrack for the newest chapter in the Far Cry series – Far Cry new Dawn.

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In light of massive layoffs and talk of unions for game workers, I think it’s safe to say that the current model for AAA game development is not sustainable. However, despite public disgust, AAA studios have no real incentive to change their ways or even break a sweat over it. The reason being their bottom line has yet to be affected despite YEARS of being dragged through the mud …

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You don’t have to be a FPS game fan to appreciate Halo’s vast lore. It’s a solid sci-fi universe with lots of mystery and intrigue and above all, characters I love sinking my teeth into. Today I was scrolling through Twitter and saw two stories that had me very excited. One, Kat-B320 is getting her own Legendary Crate from Loot Crate in February. This Noble team member happens to …

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