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Get Online, Offline and In-between with Sugar Gamers

Sugar Gamers is a growing media company and community network that caters to the forward thinking Millennials, Xennials, and GenX’ers that are shaping the future of S.T.E.M.

Our portfolio of immersive experiences, industry influencers, and  brands speaks to our audiences’ passions and shared values through honest journalism, visual storytelling, out of the box production quality, and much more. All of our efforts are aimed at being active advocates for the inclusion of underrepresented demographics within gaming & all STEM fields.


We are known for making event appearances & creating cool content that captures the spirit of the experience. We curate our own events and media for our followers, as well as for businesses with products or messaging that are relevant to us and our community.

We are able to provide our partners a combination of the below services or create something custom unique to the experience brands and business seek to create.

  • Product Reviews
  • Event and convention appearances or coverage
  • Press or media coverage on behalf of your brand/company
  • content creation
  • Stress-melting game stations
  • Sponsored lounges
  • Virtual reality installations
  • Sponsored social media livestreams
  • Wellness sessions
  • Unique contest and giveaways

Case Studies

Redbull x Lollapalooza 2019

Elevation is what happens when gaming and music collide. Sugar Gamers joined Redbull & Celebrity gamers to give festival goers an extra boost.

Google Digital Coaches

Learn current strategies for creating dynamic visual branding, as well as hear about upcoming Sugar Gamers Projects like Tachyon League.

WestWorld Experience

HBO x ATT x Sugargamers partnered to bring Chicago WestWorld fans a one of a kind experience at AT&T’s flagship store on the Magnificent Mile.

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Sugar Gamers proudly serves as a cultural connector between companies and the vast collection of underrepresented communities that fill the gaming, tech, and geek culture space.

For us - our pain is our passion. 

Instead of complaining about the lack of representation in these spaces, Sugar Gamers seeks to shift the culture through community engagement and responsible brand integrations. We advocate for the inclusion of women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and the many other communities that feel misrepresented or absent within the worlds of gaming, technology, and geek culture.

For advertising and content sponsorship opportunities contact our media ops team