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Katrina Jefferson

PR and Communications Guru

Katrina LaShelle Jefferson has a diverse set of professional experiences, all fun, and all focused around Entertainment and Technology. Katrina started her career in Supply Chain, working for a software company in Silicon Valley then later moving to an A.I. based chatbot company, serving B2B clients as a Client Services Manager.

After leaving San Francisco, she moved to Los Angeles and worked for non-profits, spending her time helping families and children in Education and Child Care while obtaining a 2nd degree. Post graduation, Katrina propelled in Fashion and Beauty for Enterprise level organizations, thriving in Product Design, Social Media/Marketing, PR, and Advertising.

During her tenure, Katrina has led teams of over 200 people, across multiple countries, built and sustained key client service and Marketing divisions, and landed and managed key accounts for Fortune 500 brands. As an entrepreneur, she's landed speaking engagements, major deals, interactive and fun influencer installations, and publicity for top talent and corporations.

With over 17 years of Digital and Traditional Marketing and Public Relations, Katrina now focuses her efforts in Immersive and Traditional Entertainment, continuing education in New Media and E-Sports.